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A facial is a family of skin care treatments for the face that is composed of steaming, exfoliation, extraction, facial masks, peels, and massage. They are normally performed in beauty salons, but is also a common spa treatment. They are used for general skin health care as well as for specific skin conditions. We do the following skin peel, deep tissue facial.



A facial mask is a creamy or thick pasted mask applied to clean or smoothen the face. It often contains minerals, vitamins, and fruit extracts, such as cactus and cucumber. There are different kinds of masks for different purposes; some are deep cleansing for cleaning the pores.

BODY SCRUB & WRAPbody scrub is a popular body treatment that basically rejuvenates the body. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. A body scrub is done with an abrasive material—usually sea salt or sugar—mixed with some of massage oils like coconut, jojoba and olive oil to name a few that are aromatic essential oils.A body wrap is when pampering experience of a body wrap can provide multiple benefits, depending on the type chosen: Detoxification: Body wraps featuring detoxifying algae, seaweed, mud or clay can help get rid of body toxins through metabolic skin cell stimulation. MASSAGES

At Body Pamper Salon we offer different types of massages in two different categories namely, Back Neck & Shoulder Massage for 30/45 minutes and a Full Body Massage for 60/90 minutes in the different technics stated below.


One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. It also cause flexibility on the muscles.


hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body.


It is the head, neck and face massage. It has the following benefits:


Reflexology is a separate practice that applies pressure to reflex zones mainly on the bottom of your feet, and the palms of your hands. Reflexology has reflex zones on your feet and hands that detect various problems on different organs of the entire body. It improves blood circulation, fights depression, helps in relaxation and relieves body pains.



Aromatherapy massage is Swedish massage therapy using massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils). During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale these essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin.



Waxing is a hair removal method which is semi-permanent in nature and removes the hair from the root. Almost all the areas of the body can be waxed such as eyebrows, face, legs, arms, back, abdomen, bikini area and feet. There are different types of waxing for removing unwanted hair.



Nail treatment is the maintenance of fingernails and toenails to prevent fungus infections of the nail, painful ingrown on fingernails and toenails, and infections of the skin in the hands and feet. Nail treatment helps prevent dry skin, reduces the chance of ingrown nails and softens rough edges.



A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, analogous to a manicure. Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic purposes. They are popular throughout the world, and especially among women. We also do paraffin waxing that uses candle wax mixed with essential oils to soften the feet.



A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon. A manicure consists of filing and shaping the free edge, pushing and clipping any non-living tissue on the cuticle, treatments with various liquids, massage of the hand, and the application of fingernail polish.



 Gel overlays involve the application of the gel colour directly to the natural nail and it can also be applied to toenails.



A “full set” simply means that you will be getting all your nails extended with nail tips.